These tutorials will help volunteers get started with different kinds of tasks.



Browsertrix What we need most right now is people to help us run Browsertrix for full-site archiving. The Browsertrix documentation is quite good as these kinds of tools go, but we’e also written a intermediate-tech person’s guide to Browsertrix. Ideally you’ll have come across the command line and maybe used it once or twice before trying our tutorial, but you don’t need to be a coder or particularly “technical”.

Internet Archive tasks

Manual WebRecorder tasks The easiest and fastest option is the brand-new ArchiveWeb.page Express, which is literally just a website you go to, put in a URL, and start creating a web archive as you scroll through pages and navigate the site. You can even hit a “Crawl links” button and it will automatically visit each link on the page and scroll to the bottom to capture everything, which is especially great if you don’t read Ukrainian or Russian! Try this first; just click the “Download Archive” button when you’re done, and upload the resulting file as described here.

Situation monitoring We also need people to help track the latest alerts for different areas of Ukraine.


Quality control


Mirroring the SUCHO Web Archives