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Automate download of PDF/PNG files

Mathematica notebook for use in automating download of PDF/PNG files.

Concatenating URLs in Excel or Sheets

If you are going to be grabbing more than just a few URLs to upload to the Internet Archive using the Google Sheets tool then these hacks might be useful to you!

  • When you find an item that has multiple PDF links, for example, a journal, you can take a look at the filename to see if there is a consistent pattern that will allow you to easily generate all of the URLs in a spreadsheet without having to copy and paste them individually.
  • Take a look at this journal, for example:
    • Select one of the years (2013) and then an issue (2013 Т. 26(65); 1)
    • Hover over the first item in the table of contents (Титул) and you will see a filename:
    • You’ll notice that the first part of the URL is going to be consistently used by each item following the first item
    • When you get to the third article in the table of contents you will see a slightly different filename:
    • Let’s compare:
    • The /j-pdf/ is not present in the filenames for articles #3 down and they do not include the .pdf extension.
    • So if you have 20 articles within a journal, such as in the Вчені записки Таврійського національного університету імені В. І. Вернадського. you can break up the filepath in a spreadsheet and use the concatenate formula to automatically populate the sheet with the URLs rather than manually copying and pasting.
    • If we use the journal example above - you can break up the filename like this across columns (from left to right)
      • Prefix:
      • Year_Vol_Iss: 201326(65)_1
      • Article_Number: 1.pdf
      • Full Link:
    • The concatenate formula would be entered into the “full link” column and the general formula is: =CONCATENATE(A2,”“,B2,”“,C2)
      • The letter and number combo refers to the column and row number
  • As you enter the information for each of the columnn (Prefix, Year_Vol_Iss, Article_Number) you will then fill down each column automatically.
  • Here is a template that you can use for your needs.