Equipment Donations for Ukraine

In response to the regular power shortages in Ukraine caused by Russian bombardment, at the beginning of 2023, SUCHO began delivering power stations to Ukrainian libraries, archives, museums, and other historical and cultural institutions. SUCHO has sent 10 Anker 767 2048 Wh and 20 Anker 535 512Wh generators. This not only helped workers and visitors to urgently charge their phones and laptops and continue their work, but also, for example, to use a heater or plug in a dehumidifier to preserve books & cultural heritage.

SUCHO also supports museums and libraries in the liberated territories with equipment and building materials. As almost all the equipment was stolen or taken away during the Russian occupation, laptops, and scanners are urgently needed to control and document damage, prepare lists for evacuation and digitally preserve particularly fragile or damaged items. Furthermore, SUCHO is actively working with and supporting evacuated heritage workers from Mariupol institutions in restoring their work.

As we continue to process the requests received, SUCHO also independently reaches out to institutions to support their aspirations for digital preservation of collections. Up-to-date updates on deliveries are available on our facebook page.

Together with its German partner museum-digital, SUCHO offers workshops on using digital preservation software and publishes screencasts and tutorials in Ukrainian. These can be found on the museum-digital Youtube channel.

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