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Quality control

Once we have created a web archive for a site, we need people who can (more or less) read Ukrainian or Russian to check the archives to make sure that they didn’t miss anything major.

  • Go to the “QC” tab in the SUCHO working sheet (linked in the SUCHO Slack)
    • Column G has the link to the “WACZ file”, which is the web archive.
    • Column I has the link for reviewing the web archive
    • Column J is for QC status
    • Column K is for QC person
    • Column L is for QC notes
  • Find a row with an empty QC status. Set the status to “In progress” and put your name down as the “QC person”
  • Take the link from column I (which should start with and open it in your browser. It may take a few moments to load.
  • Click on the page title that appears once it loads. This will take you to the web archive.
  • Browse the site thoroughly, as if you were browsing a normal webpage. Check menus, submenus, subpages, items, PDFs, anything else that appears as you go.
  • If you see broken images, PDFs not loading, internal site links that aren’t captured (it should pop up a warning if something isn’t part of the archive itself), make a note of it, and copy the URL from your browser, which will show us which subpage of the archive the broken thing was on.
    • If you go through the site and feel like it’s complete, change the QC status to “Done” in the SUCHO working spreadsheet and move on.
    • If a site is mostly good but there’s a few things that need to be captured, change the QC status to “Incomplete” and put your notes (and the URLs) in column L
    • If there’s a lot of things missing, set the status to “Broken”.