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Saving Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Online

SUCHO is an initiative of over 1,500 international volunteers who are collaborating online to digitize and preserve Ukrainian cultural heritage. Since the start of the invasion, SUCHO has web-archived more than 5,000 websites and 50TB of data of Ukrainian cultural institutions, to prevent these websites from going offline. The websites range from national archives to local museums, from 3D tours of churches to children’s art centers.

SUCHO is now moving into a new phase of the project, defined by three goals: Curate, Donate, Educate. In Phase 2, SUCHO will coordinate aid shipments of digitization hardware, exhibit Ukrainian culture online and organize training for Ukrainian cultural workers in digitization methods.

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Where can you see the SUCHO data?

We are currently in the process of curating the full 50TB of web archives we have collected. The raw files are publicly accessible from the AWS Open Data registry. Once they have been minimally curated, we will make them viewable in a user-friendly way on our website.

We have created a virtual exhibition space to raise awareness for Ukrainian culture. Right now, we have taken samples from our web archives and are exhibiting them there. The goal is to make this space available to Ukrainian institutions to upload holdings that they have digitized with equipment provided by our donors.

Visit the SUCHO Gallery

SUCHO Meme Wall

A dedicated team of volunteers has worked tirelessly to collect the many internet memes created in connection with the war in Ukraine.

Visit the SUCHO Meme Wall

How can you help?

You can help us pay for our server costs by donating to our Open Collective. If you would like to specifically help buy digitization equipment to send to Ukrainian libraries, archives, and museums, you can donate to our new digitization equipment fund.

Donate to the equipment fund


We’re currently working on a new set of tasks as part of our Phase 2: Curate, Donate, Educate. If you’re interested in volunteering, please fill out our volunteer form.

We’ll need help looking for memes (in many languages) for our meme wall collection, selecting objects for the gallery, and doing quality control and curating our web archives.



You can reach all the coordinators at [email protected].

Please see our contributors page for more info on the entire team!