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SUCHO Week in the Bay Area

SUCHO is organizing a series of events in the Bay Area from May 8-12, including presentations and workshops at Stanford University, a visit to the Internet Archive, meeting with potential funders in San Francisco, and potentially additional presentations in Berkeley. Additional details and timing will be posted below as the events are finalized.

We invite any SUCHO volunteer interested in participating to join us. We’ll be coordinating logistics in the #bay_area_event Slack channel. If it would be helpful to receive an official invitation, please contact Quinn at [email protected]


May 7

  • Visitors arrive.

May 8

  • SUCHO team planning meeting
  • Textile Makerspace session with visitors and DLCL / Library community

May 9

  • Lunchtime talk at CESTA
  • Meeting with Slavic DH / DLCL DH students

May 10

  • Talk and hands-on volunteering session at Stanford
  • Group dinner

May 11

  • Presentations in Berkeley (details TBD)

May 12

  • Visit to the Internet Archive in San Francisco
  • Additional funder meetings in San Francisco

Travel notes

SFO is the closest airport to fly into, though it’s feasible to go via OAK as well. Hotels are mind-blowingly expensive throughout the area, especially around Palo Alto. If feasible, a shared Airbnb with other guests is more affordable, though it may lead to reimbursement challenges from universities. There’s public transit of varying quality that can get you throughout the region and between the different events; we’ll likely be traveling around together that way.