Memory Savers 2023

The Memory Savers program ran from 1 June to 31 December 2023 and during this time, 22 museums and historical & cultural institutions across Ukraine were able to jointly make a breakthrough in the digital preservation of their collections. The project was made possible thanks to the close work of museum interns and experienced curators. For half a year they have been working together on the subtleties of digitization of historical objects and museum photography at educational seminars and workshops, mastering new technologies, handling new equipment and designing new formats for digital projects in museums.

During the program, students met in Lviv, Rivne and Kyiv, to discuss local historical representations with museum curators and developed ideas for future projects. Even more important than the increase in collaboration, the museums’ networks were enriched with young professionals, as many of the students were given the opportunity to continue their careers at the institutions where they interned. SUCHO supported participating museums with equipment, training materials, workshops, and consultations in the field of digitization.

In cooperation with museum-digital, which offers free open-access software to European and now also Ukrainian museums, more than 10,000 objects have been made available online over the last year and can be viewed online. Museum-digital workshop videos are available on YouTube.

Visit the Memory Savers FB page to view updates and highlights, including photos, videos, and student projects.

This program was supported by SUCHO in partnership with the Centre for Digital History in Rivne. Additional funding was provided by the German Foundation EVZ (Remembrance, Responsibility, Future).

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Selection of Student Internship Projects

As part of the Memory Savers program, students developed projects incorporating items from the collections at the museums where they interned. Here is a selection of these projects that are available online.